About Us

Ovologics is software products and services company specializing in e-commerce software. We are new development company that supports our clients around the world. Our customers receive the best products and services available in online market today!
We are delivering software products and services using the most web and software technologies.


A number of mission-critical projects successfully completed and launched

Developing of world-class, robust, cost-effective products with unmatched technology and competence

Experience in accomplishing different e-commerce projects

We provide the most relevant, advanced technologies to deliver a full range of software development

We provide our customers with excelent online support. We have a strong team culture and our competent, highly skilled and experienced team members that always deliver timely results and superlative quality.


Ovologics organisation and the individual members of our team value integrity, sincerity, positive self-criticism and persistent self-improvement. Our dedication, hard work, business philosophy and vision ensure consistent quality, and excellence.